4 Day Hikes you can do Near Vancouver

Living in British Columbia is the best thing especially for an outdoors guy like myself. There are so many things to do inside Vancouver itself, that you would be amazed if you haven’t been here.

One of my favorite things to do when I am not working, is take day trips outside the city and hike.

There are tons of places and options for any type of person.

Everyone knows about the real touristy spots, but I wanted to do a list of the best places to hike near Vancouver that isn’t so packed. These places are close and a lot more exciting and adventurous too.

Crown Mountain

One of my favorite places to go when I am feeling up for a big challenge is Crown Mountain. One of my biggest hikes was completing the Grouse Grind and then doing Crown Mountain, if that sounds too hard for you, you can take the gondola up and start there. The hike itself is a challenge of its own as it is fairly steep, there are some rocky areas that will challenge you, but if you successfully cross all the obstacles, you are greeted with some amazing views and a beautiful landscape.

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Hanes Valley Trail

The Hanes Valley Trail is a great trail for wildlife and beatiful fauna. Don’t take this one likely, because it actually is a very difficult trail. This hike isn’t for lazy people, a lot of people have to get rescued off of it every year. If you do conquer this trail you will see some great countryside, waterfalls, fauna, mushooms, and bridges.

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The Lions

The Lions is one of the more busier trails on this list, but its still a gooder. The Lions is a iconic mountain in Vancouver, the trail to get to the top is full of trees, and forest. If you are looking for a more foresty trail make this one it.

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Dreamweaver Trail

One of the easier trails on this list, is also one of the least well known. The Dreamweaver Trail weaves in and out of mountain bike paths. One of the coolest parts of this trail, takes you on a pretty sketchy bridge, that looks like it will fall down if you dont walk fast enough. The Dreamweaver trail is a fun and easy way to spend your day, a nice low key getaway to blaze a trail.

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