About Me

Grey McPhearson is a writer, photog, and outdoor advocate who has been traveling the world, one hiking trail at a time. He is the founder and writer for Outdoor Gear for Fun, and splits his time between working his day job, having fun outdoors, and writing this blog. He loves everything about the great outdoors, from hiking, camping, offroading, swimming, etc.

Outdoor Gear for fun, is an online diary, which consists of helpful tidbits on where to go, what to buy, and daily brain vomit. Grey believes when people hang out outdoors, they become less worried about stress and other struggles of the modern, real world. He also believes being out in the environment, means taking care of it better as well, as you see how much  more beautiful it is, and would want to keep it that way.

We pride ourselves with working with other advocates of the outdoors, who include give back efforts in their business models. If you would like to work together please let us know, check us out here.