Best Off-Road Trucking Trails in BC

Offroad trucking is truck drivers, what auto crossing is to car drivers. One of my favorite things about owning a lifted truck is getting to actually use it. If you dont have an offroad truck, you can take a hike.. take a hike on these trails near Vancouver.

I have already said BC is the best place to live if you are into the outdoors, it has everything you can ask for, great camping spots, beautiful lakes and awesome off road trails. There is no shortage of trails, back roads to crawl and get muddy in. There are a lot of different trails that have different distance and trail difficulty so all types of drivers can have their pick.

Whipsaw Trail

A trail that was once use for copper mining, Whipsaw Trail covers about 110 kms with about 1200 meters of elevation change. This trail is pretty difficult so make sure your truck is capable of it. Its located near Allenyby.

For directions, check this article out.

Quesnel Canyon Crawl

If you are looking for a decent challenge, the Quesnell Canyon trail consists of some great crawling paths and nice views. It is situated in old gold mining country and can be found off of Barkerville Highway about 17 kms out of Quesnel. The trail doesnt have much of an elevation change, I like it to for crawling and the obstacles.

Alexander Mackenzie Trail

Another great trail in BC is the AMH trail or the Nuxalk Carrier Grease Trail. Fairly decent length, at approximately 380 kms of trail. You can expect a pretty good change in elevation on this one, be prepared for the difficulty as it is not for beginners. This trail was actually used by Alexander Mackenzie back in the day, as well as the First Nation communities around this region used this route as a trading route.

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Barriere to Harp Mountain Loop

This trail is one of my favorites because of the muddy and rugged terrain. The Barriere to Harp Mountain loop trail loops around, starting at the small town of Barriere and then takes you up to the summit of Harp Mountain in Kamloops. Used as a service road most of the time, make sure your truck can handle the muddy terrain. I would recommend a 6 inch lift plus mud tires on this trail as you will for sure need the extra clearance and traction.