How I built my offroad Ram Truck

Besides going out into the world and getting lost in the wild, one of my other favourite past times is working on my truck. There is something that really puts my mind at ease, when im turning tweaking and wrenching away.

A couple years ago I purchased a black 2015 Dodge Ram Rebel. I bought it factory with no aftermarket modifications at all. I originally wanted to get a GMC Sierra, but once I saw the interior of the Ram, I knew it was the truck for me.

The Ram has got everything you need to make it an offroad machine. Its got a beefy engine under the hood and a great backing for aftermarket parts.

Here is how I made my Dodge ram an offroad beast

my offroaderWhen I first got the truck I had no plans of modifying it to where it sits now. The truck started out as a pretty basic ram sport. All I really wanted was a lift kit, rims, tires and running boards.

But here is how I got my Dodge Ram to be a great for 4x4ing, crawling and mud running.

The first mod I bought was an easy snap on mod, I picked up some fender flares. I haven’t ever bought fender flares before so I didnt even know where to start. I knew I had to get best ones, so I did some research on forums and found the best painted fender flares for Ram 1500.

This is when I found out all about different mods you can get for you truck, and thats when it hit me. The mod bug was alive and well, and I was fully hit. All I could think about was which parts to get next and so on.

I began researching and digging deeper, and eventually found a way to turn your ram into a ram runner, and after reading this article I got down to business in ordering all the parts and different things needed to make the perfect offroader.

The end product was a machine that was perfect for BC offroading trails. It is everything I want in a pick up, a capable and aesthetically pleasing 4×4. Interior and exterior are exactly how I want it, and its just perfect.