Top 10 things I always bring when going Hiking or Camping

When I head out on hiking trails around Vancouver, I always make sure to pack these 10 essential items. It is a real rookie mistake to get caught out in the elements with no gear. Weather conditions can change any minute, and you could be out in the middle of nowhere, or even be hurt. Some of these things could possible save your life one day.

10 Essential Carries while Hiking or Camping


Always carry water with you whenever you plan on doing outdoor activities, even if you think it will be for a short time. Carrying about 1-2 litres is what is recommended, but you should keep in mind the weather and activity. If you want to get fancy, bring something that will treat water. Electrolyte drink crystals are light and easy to pack as well.


Now a days, we can get by with just using our phones, but what I have started to bring are handheld GPS’ that have a topographic map built in. I used them at work initially, but found they would be a great addition for my outdoorsy gear. Great way to keep you on trail and having the elevation info is a plus too.

Fire Starters

Pack some matches or fire starter kits with you, you never know when you will need to start a fire.

Multi Tool

I like to keep a multi tool with me at all times actually, I have one that goes on my keychain, and one that goes in my wallet. They dont take up any space at all, and are very handy for all types of situations. Whenever I pull them out, someone always asks me where they can get them too.


When going on a day trips or multi day trips you always want to be sure to pack pack some extra energy. I like to bring home made high energy, high calorie bars with me. You can make cheap high nutrient homes, that are compact and healthy. Always a huge plus.


I had a really bad experience getting caught outside with no warmer clothing, at a work event actually. The boss took us out to his cabin on the lake, we went hunting from island to island, my coworker forgot to pack the gas, and we were stranded. All I was wearing was a sweater. This has always taught me to wear soft shells and layer up whenever I go on adventures.


Bring an LED light, with some spare batteries, dont rely on your phone light, as it will eat up your battery.

First Aid Kit

Bring some of the basic supplies, like bandages, scissors, blister dressings, SAM split, disinfectant spray. The outdoors is unpredictable, and you should always be ready for any situation.

Sun Protection

Bring a nice wide brimmed hat with you, it will protect the top of your head, and save your eyes a bit. Sunglasses, sunscreen, a light longsleeve. Sunburn and heat rash are real threats when outdoors.

Emergency Shelter

There are these cool bags you can buy now that are great for emergency situations, very light and compact. Great for carrying in your day pack on day trips.